Hearing Loss
and Dementia

Does Hearing Loss Affect Mental Ability?

The answer is a resounding YES.

Research now confirms what Audiologists have believed for years – older adults with untreated hearing loss have a significantly greater chance of developing dementia than their peers who do not have hearing loss.

Because hearing loss is so common in older adults many people consider it a normal part of aging – an irritant, but no reason to be alarmed. But we now understand the cognitive abilities (memory & concentration) of people with hearing loss declined up to 40% faster than in people with normal hearing often resulting in dementia.

Researchers have also found that people with hearing loss suffered from more “deep episodes of stress, depression or bad mood,” as well as having an increased risk of hospitalization, increased risk of falls and faster rates of brain atrophy (wasting away) than those without hearing impairment.

Now that we know the concern, what do we do about it? The first step to take is to have your hearing tested by a Hearing Care Provider to determine if you have any hearing loss. If the hearing test reveals any concerns, our Provider will work with you to create a individualized hearing treatment plan which may consist of hearing aids or assistive devices.

Take the first step towards preventing cognitive decline today by contacting our office to schedule time to learn more.

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